How To Crack Medical Entrance Exam In First Attempt

How To Crack Medical Entrance Exam In First Attempt

If you are a medical student after your 10th then you must look for the best options to get your medical degree done from a reputable institute and to get enough exposure for practice later one. In order to get into these good colleges, it becomes very important for the students to score good marks in the entrance examinations. One must go for these exams by taking the preparation very seriously. It is a little hard but it is surely not impossible to Crack Medical Entrance Exam In First Attempt. As of this year, the country has 416 medical colleges with a capacity to enroll 52,765 students. The general exam patterns for all the recognized medical entrances is also similar. This Post will help you to Crack Medical Entrance Exam in the first attempt. The Syllabus consists of 4 parts namely 

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • General Knowledge

Before studying for the exams in general one must prepare for the key areas of these three subjects. 

Physics – Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics 

Chemistry – Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry 

Biology- Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Cell Biology; Morphology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology 

Tips To Clear Medical Exam In First Attempt 

1. The right study material 

One should choose the right kind of source material for study preparation. One must avoid multiple extra study sources. NCERT books and NEET exam covers should do justice while covering your syllabus. One should make sure that syllabus is covered well and the right amount of time si spent on all the subjects. 

2. Come up with an effective study plan

 One should take out ample amount of time during the day while studying. A time table can help boost your performance and make things easy for you. One should dedicated fixed hours everyday to their study time and follow up their plans accordingly. A few months must be kept for total preparation and one month should be dedicated to revision. 

3. Practice Mock Test Papers 

In order to get the right amount of mindset, one must practice a lot of mock test papers in the right frame of mind. Mock test papers help in getting familiar with the subject and also improve the efficiency of a student. Apart form that accuracy is a must. Online mock tests can also be taken time to time. 

4. Improve On The Weak Areas 

Every student must avoid getting over confident after covering the syllabus. About 20% of total time must be dedicated to covering mistakes and improving key areas. It helps student pick up and score more marks in the long run. Revision of these is also a must. 

5. Take Adequate Study Breaks 

In order to enable the brain to absorb more information and last for more study hours, students must take good amount of breaks. This helps to refresh the mind and in the end acquire more efficient study hours. One must also take equal breaks during the day and night for long study shifts 

6. Update Yourself On Social Forums 

As technology has affected pretty much everything  we do one should not shy away from taking some preparation help online. On various medical online forums and websites, one can get test papers, timely updates and a lot of information to increase your subject knowledge. If one spends their major chunk of time in these activities then can definitely can score more. 

7. Avoid Taking Chances In Attempting 

One must ensure a lot of efficiency while making question attempts. Random guessing must be strictly avoided. Even if one has question papers with answers, they must be cross checked for correctness. There is no shortcut to success in the medical exams as well. 

8. Take Good Diet 

One must take a good diet including salads, fruits and fibre rich vegetables. It helps to refresh the mind and make one more productive for study breaks. It also helps student stay awake during long study hours without feeling sleepy 

9. Make Notes 

Making notes while revising your content for revision is also a must. It helps to make quick revisions and also it helps to memorize one’s study material in a better way. One can note down all the important points and crucial areas of the syllabus can also be covered.   The most important of all is that one must have a very positive attitude and make efforts towards achieving their set goals. It's surely tough to Crack Medical Entrance Exam In First Attempt but it is not impossible. All we can do is say best of luck to the candidates and Crack Medical Entrance Exam Don't forget to check our list of Top 10 Medical College in India to go for in 2017 and 30 Most Important Question for CMC Vellore MET