How Good Is An Aeronautical Engineering?

How Good Is An Aeronautical Engineering?

We are aware of engineering. But do you have any knowledge of aeronautical engineering? Rather you are unaware of its scope. It is that branch of engineering which is associated with the aviation industry. It has wide scope in India and is a flourishing career.

The demand is reasonably high with opportunities in both government and private sectors. It is one of the most highly-paid jobs in India.

What is Aeronautical Engineering?

An Aeronautical engineer needs to study how an aircraft functions. Understanding its design, functions, architecture, and flight mechanics of the earth’s atmosphere is necessary. It offers a B. tech degree. A strong aptitude for science and aeronautics sets the base of this coursework.

Eligibility Criteria

It is an undergraduate technical degree. Need to have science in 12th standard, recording minimum 50% in 12 board exams and scoring 50% and above in entrance examination of AME CET. Even after cracking the entrance, a certain practical skill set is required to get through 4 years of a long bachelor’s degree course. Strong analytical skills, quantitative aptitude, and knowledge of aerodynamics can only fly with scores.

Wide Spread Scope

Top recruiters are from defense, civil aviation departments, aircraft manufacturers, government airways, private airline companies, aeronautics, and space research departments. It is a highly demanding career with an average salary ranging from 7 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum. International MNCs like Airbus and Boeing keep an eye to recruit Aeronautical engineers from India.

Fee Structure

As this course is related to aeronautics many would be wondering if that course fee would be quite high. But it is not so. Students based on merit can avail of scholarships from the government and other private student schemes. The entire course will be covered from 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs. There is an option for a loan facility also.


Students, if you are from a science background and want to pursue a different but promising career, aeronautical engineering is the right choice for you. Research it, understand its basics and if you are passionate about aeronautics just dive into this course.