How To Start A Career In Modelling After Class 12

How To Start A Career In Modelling After Class 12

Modelling is the most thrilling and lucrative profession out there in 2017. The thought of having a glamorous life has lingered in every juvenile’s mind once in their life. How would it be like to be a successful model, to be your own boss, to be your own brand, and getting paid to look beautiful? I mean getting paid to look charming, wearing the clothes from the designers you only saw in fashion magazines, fly around the world only to pose for the camera, that is indeed a dream come true. Modelling is not always sunshine and roses. It takes a lot of hard work and patience some of us can never imagine having. It usually takes a toll on you but once you have got the opportunity to put your first step on the ladder, the way up is quite easy. For those out there who wants to give wings to their modelling dreams, there are many opportunities for becoming a successful model.

Here are the ways for becoming a model after completing 12th standard:

1. The first rule of becoming a successful model is to carve your own niche

Be confident in what you dream to achieve and work towards it. Getting a high-end lucrative career in modelling is not just a piece of cake. It requires you to work very hard in order to get recognized by an industry or the clients. You need to make a brand out of yourself. The foremost thing you need to make sure is that you carry your body with elegance every step of the way. Whatsoever be the latest trend in body image in the industry you wish to join, you need to make sure your body goes with that. Fitness is rather important if you wish to look presentable. Being positive and happy in your own skin is the first step onto the path of achieving something big. Fitness doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend so many hours in the gym and let go of your favourite food, it simply means that you need to work onto making yourself better for your field. Make little changes to your diet at a time and start with basic cardio for keeping yourself replenished and healthy. Being confident in your body and believing in your goals is the utmost way to achieve anything in life. An aspirating model should always be bold and have a pleasing personality.

2. Choose an appropriate market for you

For e.g you can chose between the categories like:->Runway >Teen modelling >Petite modelling >Glamour modelling >Plus Size modelling >Commercial print models >Beauty models >Swimsuit models There are even more modelling categories than the ones mentioned above, all you have to do is decide what would be best for you considering all things. Initially, everyone has to start with something small like a TV add or a group add in order to be recognised in the industry. It takes a lot of effort and patience on your part in order to carve your nice. You have to be utmost professional in the field and should give everything a chance until and unless it's not overshadowing your beliefs as a person.

3. Create your portfolio and submit it to the agencies

A good portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a very expensive photographer to make you look like nothing you actually are. It simply means getting your snapshots taken in such a way that maximizes your natural beauty. You can do a little research and pen down the certain best agencies you wish to submit your portfolio to that can help you get higher on the success ladder.

Here are some of the major modelling platforms you can try to send your portfolio to: 

  • TV channels like Star, Colors, OK, Sony, Sahara, DD, etc.
  • Vogue
  • Catwalk
  • Balaji Telefilms
  • Giltz
  • UTV communication Ltd.
  • Glamour
  • Cinevista

4. Be your own brand

Get recognised on social media. A good video or even your snapshots with lots of viewers and shoutouts can expose you directly to the casting agents. Use the power of Instagram, Facebook or any social platform to make yourself recognised among the crowd. Social media is a power too that can help you get recognized all over the country in just a matter of a few days. all you have to keep in mind that being desperate will not do you any good. You have to be patient and keep on making yourself better every day. These are the ways in which you can start your modelling career after 12th standard, all the given choices depend upon your personal preferences:- > Full-time modelling > Part-time modelling with side by side graduation > Getting in a modelling school Starting a career in modelling is not always easy. You have to be patient enough to be recognised by the companies or agencies. The monthly earning will depend upon your work experience, network and the type of agency for which you are working. For a fresher, one can get Rs 10, 000 to Rs 15, 000 per fashion show. An established model can charge Rs. 50, 000 to Rs 1 lakh per fashion show. However, for reputed models, the earning is beyond the expectation.

Some top most modelling agencies to apply for

  1. Jasmine Model Inc.
  2. INGEA Models
  3. Urban Model Management Agency
  4. Kaalia International Modeling and Casting Agency
  5. Crizare Modelling Agency
  6. Runway Agency
  7. South Cast Professional Models Agency 8. Star Model Agency

Some of the top most qualities you need to have for becoming a successful model

>Confidence >Poise >Natural beauty >Optimum height, 5ft to 6ft for females and 5ft plus for males. >Preparedness >Attitude >Dressing style

Pay Scale: A model's pay scale usually depends upon the type of industry he/she have been working in and the experience. For a fresher, they can earn up to Rs 10, 000 to Rs 15, 000 per fashion show while the major experienced models can even get more than lakhs per fashion show.