Know About MBA Chaiwala

Know About MBA Chaiwala

You must be wondering if an MBA is a chaiwala. No, it is not The fact is quite astonishing! There is a snag. The phrase "Master of Business Administration" (MBA), which we incorrectly think it stands for, is used by Chaiwala instead of his real name, Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala.
Prafull Billore, a B.Com. alumnus, is referred to as the MBA Chaiwala. With the aid of chai and his ambitions, he built the three billion dollar MBA Chaiwala franchise, of which he is the proud owner.

1. Early Career

He started his early career by working at McDonald’s for a wage of INR 200 per hour. While working, the thought triggered in his mind: "Why work for someone else? By borrowing INR 8,000 from his family, he set up his small chai stall. But to go with his family’s dream, he enrolled himself in MBA classes at a nearby college. But his heart was somewhere else. Praful could not ignore the call of his goal, and one day he simply left his MBA class without turning around.
Setting up his Empire
With its extreme popularity, people from all walks of life began to take notice of it. The chai shop's popularity also has a drawback. The fact that Praful's chai company was hurting other small business owners and street vendors irritated them. He received threats to close the chai shop from neighborhood thugs and local law enforcement.

2. Fueled by Criticism

The name of the tea shop attracted a lot of criticism. Even his parents believed that by continuing with the tea business, he had disgraced his family. Praful's optimistic outlook made him insensitive to these remarks.
He managed to avoid the dangers at first, but there was a point when his life and well-being were in danger. He closed his lucrative company because he was afraid of what would happen if he ignored the life-threatening warnings.

3. Growth Strategy

The tea shop gradually turned into a network of franchisees and eateries. Praful's tenacity and commitment paid off, and MBA Chaiwala became well-known among chai lovers across India. Around 200 events have included Praful Billore's tea, including ones that promoted women's empowerment, business, the LinkedIn program, and other subjects. He received requests to cater wedding celebrations and even political demonstrations in order to share the warmth and love of his chai.

4. Establishing a Global Presence

Praful Billore's success story extends beyond his chai cafe. His accomplishments were extensively reported, and guess what? His success was widely published, and guess what? He was called for speeches at Harvard Business School, IIM-Ahmedabad, a number of other IIMs, and global management institutions.


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