Why BCA Is A Good Career Option After Class 12?

Why BCA Is A Good Career Option After Class 12?

Information Technology has taken a toll on us. The software industry has opened Pandora's box of opportunities. Preparation starts from the 9th standard so that the ward chooses the correct career option at the graduation level. Students are perplexed as to what to do, which stream to choose, and where to go. It all seems like a whirlwind in their mind.

Of late, computer application seems to be a promising career with bright opportunities. Few opt for it because of their passion and others due to compulsion. Nevertheless, it has a prospectus future.

Benefits of BCA

Successful completion of the course makes you ready for jobs. The scope is open for higher studies like master's degrees and research. So you can reap the benefit in both ways.

This is purely a mathematical application-based subject. It allows you to apply quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning and enhances your knowledge and skills.

Today everything is information technology based. Be it electronics media, businesses, or research. So choosing BCA can be the right option for you.

Option for Student's Choice

This course involves understanding coding languages. Many times it happens with a few students that after getting into the course somehow do not develop an interest in it. The benefit of this course is that with the BCA option at the graduation level you can shift to the other streams even. There is no obligation attached to it. So students have liberty.

Variety of Specializations

BCA makes you literate about different fields of computer. Now you can gain expertise as per your interest. Web applications, software development, software testing, internet security, analytics, business intelligence, and innumerable prospective are available.

National & International MNCs grab software professionals with high pay packages and you don't need to turn back again.

The most interesting fact is that; it has self-employment opportunities. You can be your boss and rule your own software business. The option of a freelancer is also open.


Students, what you are waiting for? If you want to pursue a bright career go for BCA. It is the need of the hour, of generation. Study carefully, invest wisely and you can rule your future.