8 Options To Go For After Completing BCA

8 Options To Go For After Completing BCA

It is always a great idea to know and plan your education beforehand. And you can also secure a good job after completing your BCA if you have acquired the right skills and got the right approach. And to be fair you should also know how to upgrade yourself enough with a post graduation degree to climb to higher pay scales and to be able to earn more than you are currently earning. One must know everything about the market demand, current industry standards and the latest trends when looking for options and plans after completing your Bachelors Degree In Computer Application. 

1. Masters In Computer Application


Masters in Computer Application is a 3 years degree in computer science which holds a lot of professional significance for youngsters. It also makes sure that you are taken seriously as professionals and valued in the Industry. If you pass out from a good college then pay packages are also highly rewarding. People qualified in MCA are system analysts and system designers. One can become software developers and work as professionals in sophisticated Management Information systems. 

2. Masters In Computers Management 


Masters in Computer Management is a an expertise course which last for a duration of 2 years. It has a very rich diverse course in subjects like Web designing and Web tools, Operating Systems, Principles of management and Financial Accounting. If you get such a degree from a reputable college then you can become able managers in the professional field. You can also learn about Information system Audit and departments of Quality Control and Software testing. 

3. MBA ( IT ) 


If you want guaranteed success in the field of Information technology and want your career to thrive then you should easily go for a degree in Masters In Business Administration with a specialization in IT after BCA. It prepares you to go up the corporate ladder and make a career for yourself. It also ensures decently high payscales. It also gives you the soft skills to equip yourself in the industry and make value for the form and the organization you work in. 

4. Animation Media G-Cat Masters


If you want to make a relevant and creative name for yourself than you can also go for Masters in G-Cat in the field of Animation Media. G-CAT stands for Graphiti – Certificate in Animation technology. If you want to be relevant in this industry then this course can give a relevant boost to your career with lucrative pay package too. 

5. Mass Communications Courses 

mass communication

Mass Communication is a great way to kick-start your career. Any graduate is eligible to enroll. It is basically the study that gets you started in the field of Journalism. It gives you a know how on how information is to be carried to the masses from sources like mass media. There are very big companies like Hindustan Times, Zee Network, The Tribune etc which are well experienced in the business and pay very high salary packages to their employees. The only thing is you need to pass out from a good college and need the interest and skills. 

6. Masters in Information Management


Masters In Information Management is a multi-disciplinary study that enrolls you in the field of information management, knowledge management and business administration as well. It gives you good handy knowledge in the various fields of computer science, telecommunications and information science. The university of Mumbai and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management studies are high ranking in this field. 

7. Banking Sector 


Banking Sector has got a plenty of jobs for youngsters who have recently qualified in BCA. Banking provides very secure long careers for people who want long-term growth with high time returns. The pay packages for BCA students are also good. And it has good scope in the technical field as well. 

8. Web, Designing, Testing, and Development Courses 

Website Design Development

If one wants to make a good comfortable career in the field of Information technology then this is the most desirable course. Careers in Website Designing, Testing and Development require a good amount of skills and make up for high paying jobs. One can get a good job profile in an It company if one opts for such courses after the completion of their BCA. Choosing a stable career line is a hard choice, but if you give it good consideration then you can easily crack some exams and get yourself good skills valued in the Industry at large. Also, a career after BCA can be fairly rewarding if given consideration.