10 Facts About Calicut University

10 Facts About Calicut University

Calicut University is an affiliating institution situated in the state of Kerala. The main campus of the University Of Calicut is located in Thenjipalam. Overall It has a 17 All India rank in the status of Universities. NAAC University has credited it with an A Grade Certificate. 

1. The Presence Of - The Art Of Wall 

The Art Of Wall

The Art of wall is a contribution of the students to the college. It is a sight to be seen inside the campus and also remains one  of the attractions to be seen by the students. The painting gets the music icon Bob Marley. It also gets the lyrics of th song “Let’s Stand Up’’ elegantly put up on the wall. The Graffiti like painting is also a connection of pop culture to it’s influence on the students who came up with the idea. 

2. Che Square 

Che Square

The Che Square remains one of the great attraction with all the space and nature around. It remains one of the most important landmarks of the college. It is also used by students and teachers for various programmes and events. The Che Square on the campus remains symbolic of how important the campus is to the essence of the university. It stands for freedom of choice and attachment to nature. 

3. Various Departments in Management Studies, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Nanotechnology, Life Sciences and Multimedia Communication 

The University retains expertise in the various fields. The achievement of this University in the field of education can be measured by the fact that how multi-dynamic it is. There are various departments of Technology, Science, Mathematics, BCA, MCA and Mass Communication to offer to the students. The exposure which the students get via this dynamic institute is also tremendous. Amongst all of it, it has a record number of 60 Arts & Science College affiliated to it. 

4. An Institution Which is 49 Years Old 

The Calicut University was found in the year was found in the year 1968. It has a fully urban campus affiliated to UGC and it is located in the city of Malappuram, Kerala. It is also the state with a high literacy rate. The University remains special also with it’s logo imprinted in Sanskrit. 

5. The Library Has A Collection Of 95,000 books

calicut university library

The Institute also has a serious academic background and takes the education base very seriously. The University has a library with a surprising number of 95,000 books as a collection to their academic interest. The rich resources can help students from various fields such as science, technology, mass communication, computer application and arts to name a few. 

6. The Pariksha Bhawan Conducts Examinations For 250 Affiliated Colleges

The University has a rich background and has got great divisions in the form of various colleges associated with it. Surprisingly The Pariksha Bhawan set-up of the University Of Calicut holds examinations for as many as 250 colleges and their students !! Thanks to it’s achievements in the last half a decade or so. 

7. The University Also Has  A Lot Of Off Campus Centers in Kozhikode, Wayanand, Thrissur, Palakkad and Lakshadweep Islands Too !! 

Apart from the city of Malappuram in Kerala, The University has a wide scope for far away students. The Calicut University remains an institute of prime importance throughout the South of India. It has off-campus presence in cities like Kozhikode, Wayanand, Thrissur, Palakkad and even Lakshadweep Islands. 

8. Ranked 26th Best University In The Country

Apart from many of it’s achievements, affiliations and growth, the Calicut University remains to be amongst the best and top ranked University in India. As far as statistics go, it is the 26th Best University in the country. It enjoys a wide student base and has a vast variety of education to offer. 

9. Has A 500 Acres Campus in The Outskirts Of Malappuram Hill Station

The University was also famous amongst it’s students as it gave everybody the feels of a hill station and made up for a great location. To be exact, The University is located on the outskirts of Malappuram Hill Station. It is then easily also a great tourist attraction. 

10. The University had a Cockroft-Walton Particle Accelerator In Campus In The 1980’s 

Cockroft-Walton Particle Accelerator

Another mind blowing facts about the University has something to do with the 80’s. In that time the University had a Cockroft-Walton Particle Accelerator on the present campus, in which student snow study. Surely a great fact for science geeks !! Also, read more to know 10 facts about Gujarat University.

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