Why You Should Opt For Open Learning In Tamilnadu Open University

Why You Should Opt For Open Learning In Tamilnadu Open University

Tamilnadu Open University was started as an initiative by the Government Of Tamil Nadu and continues to serve as a medium of education to many students in the country. It was established in the year 2002. The Tamilnadu Open University has a current student strength of 5.26 lakhs in 134 varied course programmes. The University has 5 support divisions, 1 Media Center and a network of 400 work support. It provides and proves to be a great learning opportunity for students who cannot attend regular classes and aspire to study more. It is also will act as a good aid for people who are already in their professional careers and want to upgrade their qualification. Here is a list of the reasons why you should opt for Tamilnadu Open University. They have a motive of imparting higher education with a sense of quality and responsibility. 

Why Tamilnadu Open University

1. Distance Learning

Distance learning provides great opportunity and exposure to the students. It is a great way for people in the state of Tamil Nadu to continue their education without giving much of their time. It helps people from many rural areas and also from cities far way to study in the Tamilnadu Open University. It helps educate more people that too in a recognized University.

2. Quality Education

One other benefit of studying in this University is that it helps impart quality education to the students. The University has seen a phenomenal growth in the past 14 years. They also provide a lot of self learning material to the students, which is the first in the state thing. It helps students remain more upgraded about their subjects.

3. Number Of Affiliations

The University has a lot of accreditation to its credit. It always helps to increase the value of education and also improves the career prospects for the students. Tamilnadu Open University has also signed an MOU with National Skill Development Council. It also has links with International Communities like Commonwealth of Learning.

4. Aid to Working People

The Open learning programme are a great relief for the so called working population. SOme people need a progression in career and distance learning is a great option. Financially speaking, sometimes it is not feasible to leave your job and go to college. But through distance learning, one can achieve both the things.

5. Easier For Housewives

The Open University programme is also a great social reform as it can be seen as a medium of education for housewives. The convenience and requirement of the Open University make it easier for housewives in both rural areas and urban areas to pursue their education. It gives a boost to education system in the country.

6. Provision For Handicapped Students

The Open Learning University also serves as a great social  reform as it provides the equal opportunity to handicapped student to study. It is often difficult for people with physical disabilities to attend a regular college. It affects their education and ability to pursue their career. But Open Learning programme offers them an opportunity to progress their career.

7. Provision For SC/ST Students

The Open Learning programme provides yet another opportunity for people from the lower classes and from the different parts of the state to pursue their higher education at a low cost. The provision of fees is already lower for people from SC/ST classes and gives them an equal opportunity to pursue their education.

8. Level Of Higher Education

The University Offers a lot of graduate and post graduate courses. It provides great opportunity for higher education to a number of students. They offer many courses ranging upto M.Com, Msc and MA for students wanting to progress in their particular field of education.

9. Number Of Courses

 In a sum total the University offers about 134 programmes in the field of science, arts, commerce and technology. The wide variety of courses can help the students pursue their education in various fields of their interest. It offers good exposure at ease of correspondence examination structure.

10. Saves Cost Of Full Time Courses

 The best part about the whole programme thing is that one can save a lot of their higher education costs going for the best course sin a highly affiliated University. The cost associated is about 10% the regular courses and it is the best option for students in rural areas. Don't forget to checkout our list of Top 10 Medical College in Tamilnadu and Top 10 Engineering College in Tamilnadu.

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