How To Clear MBA Entrance Exam In First Attempt

How To Clear MBA Entrance Exam In First Attempt

In order to clear your MBA Entrance Exam, one must be proficient in your subjects. The most popular gateways for an MBA Entrance Exam include CAT and GMAT. While GMAT exam is acceptable even by other international universities, CAT is an exam designed for high ranking Indian Colleges such as the IIMs and other prestigious private colleges. In order to prepare well and clear the entrance exam, one must be very proficient in the syllabus. Here is the following: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • English

Passing a CAT exam with good percentile is not a big deal if one takes out a few months and prepares well for it. One must give a good amount of time in improving them in the above aptitudes. Coaching for these subjects is a pretty good idea but it also must be backed up with hours and hours of practice. A daily sitting of about 12-16 hours is also a must if you want an expertise in the subject. Here are some of the crucial tips which can help you clear an MBA Entrance Exam in First attempt? CAT exam in the first attempt itself with a good percentile. A good percentile to a certain degree will ensure that you get into a good college and further increase your chances for a great career. 

Check out these tips to Clear MBA Entrance Exam In First Attempt:

1. Set Definitive Goals

One should set some definite type of goals when it comes to studying. Always remember, there are students who study for even a year or so with a gap so that they can clear their CAT / GMAT exam. A student must start by studying when they set their goals and follow the plan they make to achieve that final goal of clearing MBA Entrance Exam.

2. Solve Last Year Papers

In order to achieve the goals, one must also solve at least previous 10 years of last year papers. If one can solve the last 10 year papers and can get a score on it, the student can also perform well on the actual test paper. The key is to practice and work on the weak areas.

3. Practice Free Online Tests

Online tests provide a lot of benefits even more than the actual class tests. One can easily give test papers by setting a time duration and also check on the attempt accuracy. It is also a fast way to assess yourself and gives more confidence to the student to score better on each test. The more mock tests you appear in, the more proficient you become.

4. Consider reading newspapers

In order to work on one’s vocabulary and to be updated with the current affairs, one must read the newspapers daily. That helps a person to grab more and improve their language skills. It also makes a person absorb more information and language dialects. The English section of the test can be improved with this trick.

5. Create Your Own Notes

In order to make a successful first attempt, one must make all the practice notes with shortcuts, formulas, conclusions and other learning tricks. It makes the last minute revisions easier and the student more confident of their preparation. It also helps students remember better. More time you spend on making notes must be counted as a productive time. Like one hour a day for at least 4 months.

6. Get Your Own Revision Book

In order to ensure more learning and record keeping, one must create their own revision book. The revision book should contain a timetable, columns for subjects started, time spent on each subject and crucial formulas, shortcuts, tricks and lists regarding all the areas.

7. Practice Time Management 

8. Take Mathematics Very Seriously

Mathematics is a core subject if you want to score more in the quantitative aptitude segment. The reason why so many engineers clear CAT exams is because they all know a lot of maths. So if you can master math, you are ahead of a lot of the crowd. This makes a person more likely to crack CAT/ GMAT with a high percentile.

9. Avoid The Chances Of Negative Marking

One must not attempt any questions that one is not aware of. Time should not be wasted in attempting questions that you simply don’t know. This way you can save yourself from negative marking.

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