Why MBA Right After College Is A Bad Idea

Why MBA Right After College Is A Bad Idea

MBA is a great degree if you want a progressive career and need some definitive skill sets. MBA is itself a non-technical course but it is so much about the value creation in nowadays. This is the reason why you see so many engineers also pursue an MBA course. MBA stands for Masters In Business Administration and it looks to span over a period of about 22 months and has almost 24 subjects during the whole syllabus. And going with a specialization in a post graduation course like MBA is also a must do thing. An MBA In Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management, IT and Finance can help you gain some particular skills which are required in the field of Management. MBA is not just a subject, it is a display of practical skills which mostly relate to an Industry. Going for an MBA course is a practical idea if you are already there in the industry and have some definite technical skills to offer to the world. But an MBA for a fresher is almost a nightmare. Not only you have to prove your worth as a working professional at the ground level you also have to take up so many responsibilities without the benefit of being a trusted source of management.

Why MBA Right After College Is A Bad Idea:

1. Corporate Industry Prefers Experiences Managers 

Experienced Managers MBA course

The most important challenge when you go for an MBA after your college is that you are still a fresher even after your MBA. Then when the candidate appears for interviews in reputed companies, most candidates lose out the job opportunity. If you go for an MBA with experience and then pass out, then you can even be preferred above-experienced managers without MBA.

2. The Market Is Very Tough To Freshers

A fresher after their graduation college has to prove their worth. And if you go for the MBA course after two years of extra study, you are still a fresher. A person then has to start from scratch and prove their worth in the industry. Therefore experience even before MBA course is required for a smooth career road.

3. Job Earns You A Reputation Before Going For An MBA

If you want your MBA to have a market value when you go for jobs, then you should have a first-hand working experience. It makes for the fact that sometimes without experience the market value of an MBA is in question. One needs to earn a reputation that comes with a job.

4. Less Pay Packages 

Less Pay Packages MBA course

One point that is going not to be in the notice of fresher and which even MBA colleges are not going to tell you that you won’t get your dream salary if you go for MBA without any industry exposure. For a fresher, it becomes almost impossible to go ahead of experienced people without experience.

5. The Exposure For A Fresh Pass Out Is Very Less

A Pass out is still yet to explore the corporate world. It becomes difficult before you see the ground level management to jump to operational level management. The gap has to be covered by a lot of hard work and achieving targets.

6. Practical Experience Is Highly Required For Professionals

The reason why MBA’s are known all across the globe is that it is the right mix of education and practicality. By going for an MBA straight, you seem to miss out on the practical side. Then education is only valued after the experience and not before it.

7. It is an Overwhelming Experience For Freshers

If an MBA goes out for a job in the very first time, they have to handle too much at the same time. It includes learning about the job, learning about the industry, learning about the working style and managing all packed up as one experience. Sometimes it is too much to handle for a fresh candidate.

8. It Is Hard To Compete With Experienced People In The Corporate Even For Promotions 

Hard Competition MBA course

When you are new to the career sphere, a lot of managers with experience are ahead of you even without MBA. They have more authority. A fresher finds it difficult to find a footing in such a scenario.

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