5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Study Abroad Experience

5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Study Abroad Experience

Indian students opting to study abroad are increasing more than ever. Getting to pursue your dreams in a country of your choice has its own charm. Studying abroad lets you see the world in a whole new way, give you an insight into the local culture, lets you see past all the diversity and most of all, it gives your career a final push to set it straight on the path of success. A study abroad prospect in your resume is going to give it an extra star and company dig employees with some International experience. Getting to study abroad in your dream university offers you a training ground that can turn you in one of the polished citizen of the World. Being a human being, you are bound to make mistakes. Certain mistakes do not matter or effect in your life but there are certain mistakes you cannot afford to make while studying abroad because of their serious repercussions. In this internet age, no wonder there are many do’s and don’ts available over the net to help you get the things right but there are certain misleads that can make you spoil your whole experience. So, all you need is to be a little more careful.

Mistakes that can ruin your study abroad experience:

1. Not doing your own research

Thorough research is the most important factor associated with planning to study abroad. Just deciding on what university is best for you is not enough. You have to research completely about the courses it offers and what will be suitable according to your interests. How you are planning to stay with in a budget? What will be the monthly expenditure? What about rents and accommodations? What about food?You need to answer all these questions to yourself first. When you have settled all your queries there’s nothing that can make you feel like it’s difficult to stay in an alien country. All these things are bound to set the fraud alert right.

2. Believing money is the solution to all the problems

Just being able to afford the fees for a study abroad getaway is not the only thing you can rely on. First of all you need to understand what course is best for you and how you are going to manage the budget. You should be very clear about what you want to achieve and how you can manage everything. There is no place for a mistake here.

3. Thinking that studying abroad is a walk in a park

You have to understand the fact that studying abroad is nothing like studying in India. In India all you have to do is cram the syllabus for the exams and take it easy throughout the year but a legit university in a legit foreign state has its own criteria. It requires hard work throughout the year. You have to appear for labs, researches as well as exams with over the top assignments and worksheets. So think all this through before applying for a expensive course in a university abroad.

4. Relying excessively on rankings and reputation

A university rank is only there for giving you an overall idea of the university but not of a whole program or a specialization you have applied for. For e.g if you are going for a postgraduate course, university ranking is the not the major thing to look upon but the faculty members, whether their academic interest aligns with yours, their tenure, their records and their experience to guide you with best education possible.

5. Not knowing your own goal

First of all what you need is to be true to yourself, the reason you want to study abroad and why that particular school or college? It is ok to not having a particular or fixed idea about what you want to major in but that should not keep you away from being able to articulate your strengths, weaknesses and interests, and your application -- especially the personal essay should be authentic.