Excellent Study Abroad Destinations Besides the Famous 5

Excellent Study Abroad Destinations Besides the Famous 5

For a majority of Indian students getting to study abroad is like the realisation of their ultimate dream. Adding a foreign degree to your resume might be the best chance of landing that amazing job that will offer you the much needed mental and financial stability. Studying in some alien country lets you see past the diversity, it makes you acquainted with various cultures of the World, it allows you to grow as a person and offers tremendous job opportunities. The demand of employees with a foreign degree is not going down anytime soon. Often majority of students have the idea that countries like UK, US, New Zealand, Canada and Australia are the only ones that can help them realise their study abroad dreams. It might be true at some level or another. But there are certainly other countries which offers tremendous education and career opportunities which are even more amazing than the ones offered by those basic 5 countries. They will offer you an amazing lifestyle, career growth and top most education in the World. Intrigued much? Then read on:

Study abroad destinations besides the famous 5:

1. Ireland

Ireland is famous for some of the amazing institutes in Europe that offers quality education to the students. It is the major contributing factor in developing Ireland’s economy. Their institutes for higher education are known to offer some quality education in multiple disciplines. Being the largest exporter of software in the world, Ireland is bound to offer tremendous opportunities for jobs after the graduation. The Trinity college of Dublin is one of the oldest university in the world that has always been known to have offered some top notch education courses for students planning to study abroad.

2. Italy

Italy is the home to large number of oldest universities and colleges in the world that have made a reputation for themselves in providing quality education services to the students. With its roots in the most breathtaking historical monuments, Italy is never ceasing to amaze you. The weather and the aura surrounding it is perfect for every international student and the people are rather friendly. From degree programs in the fields of science, liberal arts, architecture or fashion, Italian institutes have seen the light of the day from the very beginning and often you a career you can ever dream of.

3. Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most safest and happiest country in the world. They are known to have exceptional education standards with over 2100 courses in the English language itself. They offer tremendous quality education with a low tuition fees and living expenditures. The Dutch are open-minded and direct, so it is easy to meet them and exchange ideas. With their interactive learning and teaching standards and amazing international orientation, you won’t ever be disappointed with Netherlands. their study abroad programs are a must to look at.

4. Spain

There is more to Spain than football. The country has some of the oldest and most reputed colleges around the world. They offer tremendous studying opportunities in varying disciplines such a arts, science, fashion etc. Leading universities with the highest numbers of international students include Universidad de Alcalá, Universidad de Navarra, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Spain is also famous offering some top notch Law and Humanity courses. Moreover, the courses and living cost is much cheaper than other countries.