5 Best Countries to Study Masters Abroad

5 Best Countries to Study Masters Abroad

Getting to Study Masters abroad is a great way to develop social, academic and language skills, therefore adding a great accomplishment to one’s life. Most of the students, nowadays, are interested in spending their time studying abroad. Well, there is probably a good reason behind this that it is absolutely a life-changing experience. An MS degree from a reputed institution holds significant value and meritorious students have a high probability of progressing to a doctoral programme at the same institution. There are numerous places or countries available for studying abroad but we have narrowed it down to best 5 countries to study MS abroad. If you are ready for a good time with your educational pursuits, these are the countries mentioned below to help achieve your goals.

5 Best countries to study Masters abroad:

1. The United States

The United States is, no doubt, considered as the best destination to study Masters abroad amongst students to pursue higher education abroad. One of the major reasons for choosing the US as a study abroad option is that the universities offer academic excellence, gives extensive support for international students, provides scholarships, and many more. But you need a score in GRE or TOEFL for getting admission in top universities. Here are some of the top universities: 1. California State University 2. Harvard University 3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4. Southern Illinois University 5. Stanford University

2. The United Kingdom

The UK has a wide variety of high-quality universities, and although fees vary across institutions and can be fairly high, it is worth seeking out scholarship opportunities to study Masters abroad. With a melting pot of cultures, a mix of location from cutting-edge urban to sleepy rural eclogue, students in the UK never get bored. The advantage of doing MS in the UK is that the courses are shorter than any other country so that we can save our time and money spent on tuition fees and cost of living. Also, it is easy to get a good university only with good score in IELTS only. Some of the universities in the UK are: 1. University of Oxford 2. University of Salford 3. University of Glasgow 4. University of Birmingham 5. University of Nottingham

3. Germany

Germany is currently considered as one of the best abroad study destinations in Europe. German universities are well known for the world-class education and research opportunities. In Germany, you can find around 300 universities(out of which 10 are ranked as top leading universities worldwide), with over 900 international Masters degree to choose from. Although in some German cities, the cost of living may be higher as compared to other cities in Europe in terms of tuition fees. The costs mainly include accommodation, food bills, social activities, and public transportation. Some of the top Universities here are: 1. University of Bayreuth 2. Technical University of Berlin 3. Braunschweig University of Technology 4. Technical University of Munich 5. Dresden University of Technology

4. Australia

Australian universities are recognized worldwide and they are valued by their academics internationally to study Masters abroad. The Australian degrees can be categorized into 3 variants such as Professional Development Masters, Professional Masters and Traditional Academic. The tuition fees in Australia are generally cheaper and it a more relaxed country as compared to the US. Here are some of the top universities: 1. The University of Adelaide 2. Queensland University of Technology 3. The University of Sydney 4. Charles Darwin University 5. University of Canberra

5. Canada

The idea of studying abroad in Canada is hitting almost every student now and then. Canada is one of the best countries to study Masters abroad as the Canadian degree has one of the highest standard worldwide. Comparatively, the cost of living is high in Canada when compared to the US. Canada offers lots to explore for visiting students, in addition to several internationally ranked universities.

Some of the top universities are:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of Ottawa
  3. University of Alberta
  4. University of Windsor
  5. Western University of Canada