10 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Study Abroad

10 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Study Abroad

Planning to study abroad is not a single day’s job. It requires much patience, planning and research on your part. Researching what course is best for you, what country to move to, financial stability and many more. One of the most important things, after you have decided all those things, is the parents' approval. Family back up is the utmost need if you are moving to some alien country for studying for a long period of time. Family backup is required not just for supporting you financially but emotionally and mentally too. A Family is the one thing that won’t ever allow you to feel overwhelmed with whatever you are planning for your career. They are the emotional and physical pillars for everyone out there having a dream. There are times when your dream is not something similar or matches with your parents dream for you. Either they are afraid of letting you go do far away from you or any other financial or emotional reasons, making them understand that it is what you want becomes quite difficult. Having a talk with them or convincing them is not something you can achieve in a matter of moments. Their fears are valid and they require some utter confirmation for your safety before they agree to your studying abroad decision.

Well for your convenience, here are some tips that can help you convince your parents for your future endeavours in some foreign land:

1. Convince yourself first

It is the most important task you have to do for realising your dream. Convincing yourself that this is what you want is the very first step. If your mind is not set about your studying abroad goals, you will never be able to convince your parents. Solid determination is the key here.

2. Research

Research is the most basic step if you want to study abroad. Research about the course you are planning to pursue, about the universities rules and regulations, the admission processes, loans, finances, scholarships and many more. Your parents won’t be appreciating any last minute surprises. Make sure you have made them accustomed to everything and every rule.

3. Financial Plan

It is the major thing your parents will be concerned about. Asking them to bear all your expenses from the student loan to the ones after you have moved, it is going to take a toll on their mental and physical health. You can take up a job and start saving money to make your contribution to the expenditure so as to ease their burdens somehow. Prepare a plan for all your finances.

4. Clean track record

You need to make sure that your track record is clean. Getting good scores, helping your parents out with household chores, travelling alone, and staying out of trouble are all good starting points. They need to be convinced that you can handle yourself at your best and your worst in any condition.

5. Have a meeting with someone with a study abroad experience

It is best to have your parents meet with someone that already has an experience with studying in some alien city. They can make you and your parents accustomed to everything that goes on there. The security, the universities, the country’s rules and laws etc. they will serve as a live reference to your parents and will clear all their doubts.

6. Academic prospects

You need to show your parents how studying abroad will affect your academic profile. Highlight the details that will help you grow like learning new languages, exceptional courses, study guides and exposing to the various teaching techniques. It will intrigue their interest in your dream and how it might be the best for you.

7. Explain the career growth

Make them understand how the study abroad factor will boost your resume that will further peak the interests of companies in your profile. They will be quite understanding in the career growth context and how that particular factor can help you touch skies.

8. Personal Growth

Make your parents the fact that studying in an alien country will help you grow personally. It will make you a much better and responsible human being. You will be taking care of your own health, your own expenses and everything by yourself. They will be understanding the fact that it is the right opportunity to grow as a person.

9. Ways to remain in touch

You should teach your parents how you can always remain in touch with them through the internet. Emails, video chats and WhatsApp are a great way to make them understand that you are not actually far from them.

10. Plan for approaching the topic

It is something you have to be sly about. You need to make a proper plan about how you are going to ask for their permission. You need to communicate effectively with them at a right time. They need to know what are the benefits of studying abroad, how will it help you grow as a person or help your career.