How To Get Student Visa For New Zealand

How To Get Student Visa For New Zealand

For studying in New Zealand for more than 3 months, you need to get a New Zealand student visa. All those who have permanent residence in Australia, do not require a visa to study in New Zealand.

How to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa? 

  • You can apply for the New Zealand Student visa online or in person before planning your travelling. It’s recommended to apply for the visa six weeks or more before your target course starts so as to get accustomed to the city you are travelling to and sometimes due to the fact that visa application takes time to process.
  • You can apply for the application through the New Zealand embassy through an appointment or you can apply online on the website www.immigration.govt.nz by creating an account.

Requirements for applying New Zealand Student Visa:  

1. Acceptance letter from a University in New Zealand

For applying for a student visa for New Zealand, you need a letter of acceptance as a proof for presenting to the visa officer from an accredited New Zealand university.   

2. Evidence of sufficient funds

You need to prove the fact that you have got the sufficient funds to backup your stay as well as your tuition fees in New Zealand. For this, you can also apply for a study loan from bank.   

3. Proof of onward travel

This can be evidence of already paid-for onward tickets, proof of further funds or agreement from a sponsor to pay for onward travel. The point is to show that you intend, and can afford, to leave the country once you complete your studies.   

4. Travel insurance

You can consult an education provider for getting an education insurance.   

5. Medical Certificates

For pursuing a more than 12 months course in New Zealand, you need to provide a general medical certificate, a chest x-ray certificate and possibly undertake a tuberculosis screening. A police certificate of good character is also required if you are 17 and plus.   The application takes 25-30 days for processing if you have applied online or through the embassy directly respectively.