How To Get A Study Visa For Poland

How To Get A Study Visa For Poland

If you are an Indian resident, you need to apply for a Poland Study Visa for studying in any Poland institute or university. Getting a Polish Student Visa is quite a regular and straightforward process.   Make sure to apply for the visa 3 months before the due date for your course abroad, so as to avoid any on spot surprises. You can apply for the Poland Study Visa through the Polish Embassy or Consulate in your state.

How to apply for the Poland Study Visa:   

1. Find your consulate

If you reside in any part of North, North East and North West in India, you will have to visit the website of Polish Embassy In New Delhi for applying for the visa, otherwise visit the website of Polish Consulate General in Mumbai.   

2. Read the important guidelines from the consulate

Read all the instructions from the “Visa information” tab on the website of your consulate carefully and work according to that. It should serve as the most crucial information guide for your visa application process.   

3. Choose your visa type

There are 2 visa options available to your for visiting Poland:- Schengen visa (type C), or National visa (type D).   All the applicants who wish to apply for a study visa, need to choose the latter( National Visa) for their stay of maximum one year.   

4. Collect the documents and the course fees

Get the necessary documents ready according to the checklist provided by both the consulates. They will also require you to show that you have sufficient funds to support your living expenses as well as the course fees.   

5. Fill out a visa application form and schedule an appointment

The e-konsulat is the official page for submitting the visa application. You need to follow all the steps and make sure to fill the form not before 3 months of your planned departure.   

6. Visa application form and the visa fees

Make sure you print out the visa application form and the confirmation form as you will have to take it with you for the meeting in the consulate. Also, keep a copy of the fee receipt you paid for the record. It is recommended to pay the fees through demand draft before submitting the application.   

7. Check the status of your visa

After completing all the necessary application steps, you can look up for the visa approval list on the consulate website. It might take some time for your application to process.   You should consider applying for the temporary resident permit as soon as you land in Poland so as to prolong your stay after your course duration.