Why Singapore Is an Excellent Study Abroad Destination for Indians

Why Singapore Is an Excellent Study Abroad Destination for Indians

Singapore is a great place for family vacations and travel destinations but not many of us are aware that there is more to the country for a student looking for studying abroad. Being one of the world’s major commercial hubs, Singapore houses world’s most qualitative public and private institutes catering to a wide range of disciplines and students from across the world. In fact, graduates from the Universities of Singapore are highly sought after by their respective industries. So, why choose Singapore? Here are 5 reasons why-

1. Top-Notch Education

Many of Asia’s universities are considered in global higher education rankings and Singapore is uniquely placing itself for educational excellence. Singapore Management University is the country’s youngest university and has accomplished a lot in short span of time by obtaining both AACSB and EQUIS accreditation. Some of the popular courses in Singapore amongst foreign students include hotel management, MBA, engineering, applied sciences, business, architecture, travel, and tourism.

2. Safety Standards

Singapore is one of the safest urban cities to live in as compared to other Southeast Asian places. Indian students find Singapore as a hospitable nation as drug laws are strict here and poverty hardly exists on the streets. This is all because Singapore has enforced very strict laws and punishments for crimes and thefts.

3. Lower Costs

The cost of education and accommodation in Singapore is at least 30% less than that of the US or UK. The tuition cost is relatively inexpensive and most universities offer financial aid such as scholarships for international students.

4. Ease of Travelling

Public transportation in Singapore is extremely inexpensive as the country has one of the most efficient transportation systems, all credit to the importance of tourism. Weekend getaways are eye-popping here and remain well within a student’s pockets. One can easily travel to the neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand by train, plane or boat.

5. Food and Culture

Food, of all things, will keep you grounded in this country. The Singaporean food culture speaks of a fusion of cultures from all over the world. There are food courts, restaurants and almost every type of cuisine available around the clock. Moreover, English is the official educational language here. With zero tolerance to racism and drugs, Singapore has a strong Southeast Asian community. Student life is pretty exciting here and one gets the opportunity of learning many cultures through day-to-day interactions.