How To Get Scholarships To Study Abroad Without Wasting Your Time

How To Get Scholarships To Study Abroad Without Wasting Your Time

For some students out there, studying abroad is a dream come true. May be they wish to get superior education, more career opportunities, travel the World or simply love the diversity, the reasons are endless. But the idea of studying abroad comes with an even greater question- do you have enough funds to apply for education abroad? Now most students have the idea that studying abroad will cost them every single penny they have, thus killing their dreams. Let me tell you the fact that studying abroad is not that much difficult as you consider it to be. There are literally thousands of study abroad scholarships and grants out there, that will help you get you your dream college without much funds requirements from your side. Simply cutting to the chase, here are our thoroughly researched advices for getting a scholarship to study abroad fast:

1. Ask around for help

The first and foremost step in getting a scholarship is to lose that shy factor. Ask around for help. Contact your our university’s study abroad office, your professors, the financial aid office, and your academic advisors for their help regarding the scholarships they know off or can search for you. Going in person to every office or desk helps a great deal. They get to know how much you are serious regarding getting a scholarship and the face to face interaction will not give them any excuse not to help you.

2. Research and research

The one thing you should be pro at is researching for the scholarships. The  scholarships you can apply for, the more financial aid you will get. There are various govt funded scholarships that you can apply for. All those follow a certain criteria that you have to go through for getting the financial aid. Various scholarships you can explore for studying abroad:- 

  • Location-Specific Grants/Scholarships to Study Abroad
  • Program-Specific Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants
  • Subject-Specific Grants/Scholarships for Studying Abroad
  • University-Provided Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants

3. Contact the scholarship provider/funder directly

The best way to get all the details regarding the scholarship is to contact the funder directly. He will be able to tell you all the major and minor procedures or requirements you need to go through for getting that scholarship. This will ensure that you have all the information regarding the scholarship and it will also make an impact on the funder regarding how much the scholarship mean to you.

4. Make your resume better

The major step after you have already planned and written down the scholarship list you are applying for, is getting your resume right. It will solely decide whether you can get the scholarship or not. Be sure to highlight any international experience you’ve had, update all of your recent campus activities and try not to go over one page. Writing concisely is important.

5. Check your references

Major study abroad programs require you to submit a letter of recommendation. The teachers, professors who know about your potential can write them for you. The letter of recommendation have a huge part to play in getting a scholarship abroad, so ask the professors with whom you have a quality relationship to write one, not the guy who once taught you some years ago. The one that knows you can simply describe why you are worth the scholarship.

6. Stay organised

Now if you have already applied for all the govt scholarships or other funded scholarships and the program scholarship itself, you need to be up to date with their deadlines or schedules. Make a calendar specific to your study abroad scholarship applications, with each deadline clearly marked so that you can stay up to date with every step of the way.

7. Apply for all the scholarships

If you are going after every highly funded scholarships, then let me tell you, there are many like you going for the same thing. This will infact make your chances of getting one even less. So, apply for all the scholarships, even the small ones. They can fund you less but something is always better than nothing. Hope for high, but do not underestimate the power of little ones.

8. Keep your grades up

The one things you are in charge of is keeping your grades up to the mark. You need to have good grades if you wish to get that scholarship that can lead your future on a much brighter path. The scholarship provider often wish to know whether you are serious about studying or not. It’s important to put in the work and get good grades before your time abroad to show scholarship providers that you plan to take your study abroad experience seriously as not just a chance to travel, but also an opportunity to expand your academic horizons.