5 Ways To Study Abroad For Free

5 Ways To Study Abroad For Free

When it comes to studying most of the students always give the preference to studying abroad, but studying abroad is not cheap and not all of those who dream of studying abroad have the financial opportunity to do that as it requires so much expenses from a student and their parents both. But, there are some ways which a student can take and study overseas for free and all the information related to how you can study abroad for free is available on financial help form of university.

5 Ways To Study Abroad For Free

1. Fellowships

If you are going abroad to study for Master’s or Doctorate level of degrees then you can avail this offer. Depending on the program you have taken sometimes universities also provide funds for living expenses as well. 


When it comes to fellowship majorly the source of funding may be your own country or some private and public institutes as well. The criteria for scoring a fellowship is different for everyone it depends on your academic achievements, Research Potentials or your financial status as well. Sometimes the college itself help you apply for the fellowship but sometimes you need to submit an application separately through any organization who administers the fellowship.

2. Scholarships

This is the most common form of financial help that will help you in studying abroad for free. The win a scholarship the financial status of a student doesn’t matter much but it requires to fit into criteria that reflect your goals and values to the scholarship provider. Most commonly you will need to write down a motivational cover letter where you must justify that why you are worthy of this scholarship.

There are different types of scholarships available:

  • Talent and Achievements Based
    These kinds of scholarships are awarded to those applicant’s who have some great achievements in academic. Athletics, Volunteer field or artistic background.
  • Demographic Based
    These scholarships are awarded to a specific group of applicants who have common things among them like Ethnicity, Nationality, Age or Health Conditions. For Example. There are some scholarships which are only available for women or for citizens of a specific country. But it doesn’t mean that every woman or every person from that specific country will get the scholarship. They will have to participate in the competition and will have to prove them self-worthy of that scholarship.

3. Ancillary Based 


Similar to the fellowships, this financial aid is also only available for people who are going for Master’s and Doctor’s Degree program. In this kind of financial aid the student gets discount on study or gets salary for working as a professor’s assistant in his free time.

4. Subsidies 


This is the most common term that often refers to any free financial help for a purpose and the best thing is it doesn’t require you to return it. Subsidies are often awarded in the form of social help to the students who are not able to cover the whole tuition fees of studying abroad. To avail a subsidy the student should provide the documents about his financial situation. There are various forms of subsidies which are given to cover all costs of some high level programs and a subsidy is provided to the best applicants. Subsidies can’t be renewed which means if you get the subsidy once you won’t get it again itself you will have to take part in competition again.

5. Travel Smart 

Travel Smart

Keep an eye on discounts on airfare to get cost effective fight to your study abroad destination. You can set up on alerts on different website to keep an eye on airfare. The most optimal time for booking a flight is considered as 12:30 AM and booking a flight around 50-60 days before departure will give you the best airfare.