7 Most Affordable Study Abroad Destinations

7 Most Affordable Study Abroad Destinations

Often the most important parameter while looking for studying abroad is the cost of living and course fee. But one must also keep in mind other prospects while looking for the options of studying abroad. Some of the aspects also include a wide choice of subjects, quality courses and perceived social activity on the campus. But even by finding the ideal type of colleges one must also know about the most feasible destinations abroad for study purpose.

Here is a list of 7 most affordable destinations for studying abroad: 

1. Kuala Lumpur 

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Kuala Lumpur is the Capital city of Malaysia. It is ranked as the 53rd best destination on the Best Student Cities Index. Kuala Lumpur is also one of the most affordable cities in the world in the top 115 countries. The city is also a home to a lot of prestigious world rank Universities.

2. Berlin 

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Berlin is a great destination in Germany which also happens to be the 9th ranked student cities in the world. It also gets to top the list of top 20 Universities in the world. It is also the most preferred student destination after the US and the UK. The city provides a high quality of living that too at low cost.

3. Munich 

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Munich is also another destination from Germany which finds a spot on the list. It is the 11th ranked student destination in the world. Apart from that Munich is also home to the top ranked Universities in Germany. The cost of living is little higher but the free tuition fee in Munich makes the city rather more affordable to the students.

4. Vienna 

Vienna studying abroad Options

Vienna is a very culturally rich city in Austria which also happens to be a very famous Capital city of Europe. The city ranks on 56 on the cost of living index in a list of all 214 destinations. The education costs remain to be about 500$ per year for international students and free of cost for students from the European Union.

4. Mexico City 

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Mexico is a very popular destination in Russia which is also highly popular for students. It has a rank of 49 when it comes to the best cities for students in the world. It is also home to some of the top 20 ranked Universities in the country. The yearly cost of education in this place is about 5,500$ a year.

5. Valencia 

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Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. It has a rank of 70 on the list of Student index in 214 cities across the globe. It also beats the likes of Madrid and Barcelona. The average tuition fee is 1800$ per year. The culture and vibe of the city are also good with a lot of tourist destinations and fests.

6. Taipei, Taiwan 

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Taipei is the Capital City of Taiwan which is an expensive location but it scores on the basis of affordable student fee. It has a yearly fee of 3800$ per month for students. It is ranked 23rd when it is counted on the student index for the best cities. The capital city of Taiwan has a modern city life with rich culture and a lot of tourist attractions.