Top 10 Student Visa Interview Questions

Top 10 Student Visa Interview Questions

Visa interview defines the critical path to get abroad to pursue your studies in that dream college of yours. It is the sole decider whether you will be approved of getting an education abroad. So, it’s better to prepare for it beforehand.   A visa interview is just like any other face to face interaction between an applicant and an immigration officer. A better preparation for the interview questions beforehand will give you that boost of confidence that will make you ace that interview no matter the financial security or background you got. You should be able to clearly depict that you are the most suitable candidate for getting that study visa and you got enough skills and abilities to work and survive abroad.

Here’s the list of some important visa interview questions that all applicants must prepare beforehand:   

1. Why have you chosen this specific University?

The immigration officer wants to know the reason behind joining that particular university. You should be able to explain why you chose that particular university, know about its study programs, their World ranking and all the general details of the university. You need to show the interviewee that you are excited about going to that university. Never admit that the particular university was the only one that accepted your application.   

2. Which all universities did you apply to (both admits and rejects)?

The interviewee need to know that you are serious about getting an education abroad and tried your best for it. Even if you applied to 5 colleges and got selected in 1, you need to be honest. You need to show the interviewee that you are very excited to join that university and its was one of your top choices.   

3. Who is sponsoring you?

For this question, the immigration officer wants to check the veracity of your claim. Provide a truthful answer of your sponsor as you may be asked follow up questions. If your father or mother are sponsoring you, you need to tell them that and if asked explain what kind of job they do so that the officer can know that you will be able to afford the education.   

4. Why consider the course abroad and not in India?

You need to answer this very carefully. You need to know the facts that differentiates the course and its scope from the one in India. If it is not available in India, mention that too.   

5. What will you do after completing MS/MBA/UG? Tell me how can you prove that you are going to come back?

If you intend to work after completing your course then say so. Tell them you are looking forward to working with some companies back in India. If you are inclined towards continuing your education and pursuing research, mention the same as well. But do provide a hint that your family continues to be in India and you would want to come back to them once your academic pursuits are over.   

6. Why study in the USA/AUSTRALIA/CANADA and not in India?

The immigration officer need to know the fact that you only need the visa for studying and not for a permanent residency there. Focus on the key aspects and the differences that make your university best like its research teams, infrastructure and all rather than defining why you like the country. You need to make them believe that studying is your main motive.   

7. Have you received any scholarship? Why has the University granted a Scholarship to you?

You should know how much scholarship you are getting and probably the reason university is giving scholarship to you Visa Officer wants to know if you are aware of the scholarship programs and financial aid. Also if you have submitted any Statement of Purpose for scholarship then mention about that and carry a copy of the same.   

8. Have you got any Loans? How do you plan on repaying your Loan?

Answer the interviewee on where do you get the loan and how much and you need to tell him that you will be getting a good opportunity here in India after completing your course abroad and you will be able to pay off the loan well on time.   

9. Why should you be given student visa?

You need to describe why you are the best candidate for getting a student visa. Beconfident in listing your strong points and the details on why it will be beneficial for you to get that visa and education. Make sure the visa officer understand the purpose and drive behind your need to get that student visa.   

10. Will you come back to home during vacations/ holidays?

Visa officer wants to assess your ties to your home country and family. You can say that you plan to come back to meet your family and friends here in India. You should not say that you plan to work in USA as that shows you are not financially strong and you are going there to earn money. This will make the Visa officer believe that even after completing your education, you would like to take up a job in USA and try to settle there.